Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Political FUPA on the move

Recent demonstrations provided fertile hunting for FUPA, who were out in force sharing their political feelings. The FUPA hunter commends them for getting out and excercising, and for showing representation for their cause.

Love the stylish cap on this one

Fupa mom and non fupa kids

Marching FUPA on the cell phone

Pink pants FUPA

Homeboy FUPA - (Not really a true fupa, but more of a gutman - a close cousin to the fupa)

Small schwaggle

Massive FUPA - amazing that she made the march. The hunter commends her. See the distance shot showing her political sign below


The hunter doesn't usually publish found photos, but this is the largest man in the world, from Monterey Mexico. (Happy Cinco de Mayo!). He is about 1,200 pounds, with no medical condition to make him retain weight. He is pure fupa.