Monday, January 22, 2007

Two hunters - one FUPA

This last weekend two hunters met up in Arizona searching for some very big game. Both bagged this same fupa at the bank. Note the different styles in each shot. One hunter takes a classic shot, cropping out the face, and showcasing the fupa footwear while keeping the main roll the center of the shot. The other hunter takes a wider view - giving context to the fupa and her color coordinated family. Interesting that both opt to include their own feet in their shots. Perhaps this is the signature style of these two hunters.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New post from a new hunter - Tarmac fupa

A fine international example to be sure. From the hunter's own blog posting:

Unlimited Carry-On Flabbage!

This mature FUPA flew on the 12 seat puddlejumper you see behind. After seating myself, I brazenly turned around to witness how this terrestrial phenomenon planned to squeeze herself aboard an airborne craft. With a push and a shove and a heave-ho, she succeeded. More impressively, the two and a half seats she occupied withstood the incalculable pressure.

The FUPA is a flightless creature.
At right, we witness a rare exception.

Thankfully the pilot did not insist we strap into seatbelts and, mercifully, no stewardess was on hand to criminally offer any mid-flight cheeze doodles. While the other passengers considered the probability of a FUPA-precipitated two-ton tailspin into the uncharted Nicaraguan jungle, this speciman spent the hour-long flight applying make up onto her face. As if a little rouge could distract us.

We welcome quarry from hunters far and wide... send your trophies to fupahunter at

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Waiting to be seated

Need a big seat...

Discount store FUPA

Right next to the ice cream freezer too...