Monday, April 09, 2007

Del Taco Fupa

Do you think this fupa was contempating super sizing her taco order?


Anonymous said...

I have been A keen observer of "FUPAGIO" for years and never realized I had so many fellow FUPARAZZI.. on fupa patrols..I must get my courage up and start photo-documentation of my sightings to post and share with all..I currently only equip myself with mirrored sunglasses when fupa watching I find them very useful....I must comment on DEL TACO FUPA ..I have seen this pose many times and have noticed that most fupa order diet coke to wash down their bulging bags of tacos and burritos...IT must be a fupa THING....Happy Hunting!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, you know she was! Probably thinking: "Tomorrow I'll start my diet!"

luxomni said...

This one is just a wannabe. she is barely even trying.