Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FUPA Safari

Two hunters formed a hunting party and went to the wilds of Costa Rica in search of international FUPA. They were not disappointed. The were greeted by a veritable monument to the fupa, cast in bronze. We here at the fupa hunter applaud a country that goes to such lengths to honor this noble beast.
As you can see, they returned from the jungles of central america with a brace of fupa that would be the envy of any seasoned hunter.
Les felicitamos por sus habilidades de cazeria.


Marc said...

Look at those "fupa chalupas"!

Anonymous said...

Es muy lindo a ver tanta Fupa de Costa Rica, porque La Fupa cononce La Pura Vida.

Anonymous said...

I came upon this site by total accident and have been cracking up all day long. It is ridiculous to me how prevalent fupa-ism is in this society. Aside from the relatively few people that have a metabolic disorder, fupas are created by laziness and poor diet. End of story. I am soooo tired of hearing people complain that they can't lose weight -- yet they hit the fast food joints, mow through bags of chips and boxes of fried food and think nothing of drinking litres of soda every day. Maintaining any sort of appreciable bulk involves ingesting the calories required to fuel it. You don't just build a fupa on air! What ever happened to having a salad and broiled chicken for dinner, drinking water and going for a good-old fashioned walk?!

So, until people wise up and learn good exercise and eating habits, Fupa Hunters have every right to photograph and document their sloth.

And I DO know what I am talking about here! I come from an alleged "large family." It is not uncommon in my family to be female and over 275 pounds. Of course, there is always tons of cookies, fried foods and candies around!! I have heard the "we have large bones" BS excuse my entire life! But I made a conscious choice as a teenager that I WOULD NOT be a fupa. I don't starve myself - I eat healthy, don't eat in front of the TV and even get fast food now and then. Instead of sodas and Coolattas, I drink water or black coffee. And I exercise at least an hour every day. And I wear a size 8 and have for my entire adult life - even after being pregnant! I am not "lucky." My non-fupa-ness is all due to healthy choices and self-control. That's all it boils down to: choice and self-control.

Your site, aside from being hysterical (GREAT commentary!) is educational as well...what NOT to do and what NOT to be like. Good job!

Fupa Hunter said...

Thank you for the fine comment. The hunters love to hear that their work is appreciated. Please submit your trophies by sending them to fupahunter (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sarah said...

Lmao @ Marc again. :p

What great all-purpose fupa footage! Well done!

Ithinkurasicksonofbitch said...

Is there a motive to this site??
Because I think you're all sick perverts..
Seriously!laughing at other people
I feel bad for your fucking families (if youl havent already pushed them away)
Dude mental help would really benefit
I hope you grow up to be huge!!!

ReadingDouchebagCentral said...

Really? How come you show people's faces, but not your own? Cowards is what you are. Be proud of who you are..pure losers, through and through. You honestly need to get a life. What a waste of time demeaning others. Douchebags come to mind. :P

Anonymous said...

Some of these FUPAs are very sexy. I must pay a visit to Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

The guy with the No FUPA t-shirt is sporting a proto-FUPA.

Margaret Wardlow said...

That's Quepos! I used to live there! But don't recognize that Fupa!